Wildlife, culture, adventure, you can have it all!

With expert guides, first-hand experience, and a range of immersive safari tour packages for you to choose from, Bird's View has everything you need to create your perfect African safari adventure. From hot air ballooning over the Maasai Mara, to conquering the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, you can experience the adventures of a lifetime with our African wildlife safaris.

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Our Signature Experiences

a safari car sitting next to a wild giraffe in a game reserve


Wildlife Safaris

Our experienced guides will take you on thrilling game drives and safari tour packages, ensuring you encounter Africa's majestic wildlife in their natural habitats. From the Big Five to elusive species, every moment promises an awe-inspiring connection with nature.

four Maasai Mara men showing traditional Maasai jumping dance


Cultural Encounters 

Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of East Africa. Visit traditional villages, engage with local communities, and partake in age-old customs to gain a deeper understanding of the region's heritage.


a group of people performing a hike up Mt Kilimanjaro


Trekking Adventures 

Embark on exhilarating trekking expeditions, whether it's conquering the peaks of Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro, or hiking through the scenic landscapes of the Aberdare Range. Our treks cater to various skill levels, offering an adventure for everyone.

tourists in hot air balloons observing a herd of wilderbeast in a game reserve


Hot Air Balloon Experience 

We provide a unique perspective of the stunning landscapes, allowing you to witness wildlife from the air and enjoy stunning views of the surroundings. Whether it's a getaway for honeymooners, family or a private safari, we strive to create unforgettable experiences.

Zanzibar Beach in Tanzania


Beach Escapes

Relax or dive into water sports on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, Mombasa, and Diani. Let the breath-taking coastlines of Kenya and Tanzania be the backdrop to your perfect getaway.


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 a tour guide holding binoculars and looking to the left into a grassy savannah


Travel Resources

Alongside our range of immersive safari tour packages we offer a range of useful travel resources.

Read our FAQs to find out about what to pack, visa requirements, what the must-see destinations are, and tips on staying safe and healthy during your stay.

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