Bird Watching Expedition

This is a superb chance for spotting many rare species of bird, where you will visit the Kakamega Forest, Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya, and Aberdare National Park.

Packages from $2,800 per person. 







a large flamboyance of flamingos in a lake, with five flying above the lake




14 days


Lake Nakuru, Kakamega Forest, Aberdare National Park


  • Day 1-3: Nairobi arrival, transfer to Lake Nakuru
  • Day 4-6: Kakamega Forest for bird watching
  • Day 7-10: Aberdare National Park for high-altitude birding
  • Day 11-14: Mount Kenya region for additional birding opportunities




Our Bird Watching Expedition


The total cost for the 14-day Bird Watching Expedition is $2,800 per person. This includes accommodation, meals, transfers, guided activities, park fees, and applicable taxes.

Below is a detailed itinerary and pricing for the Bird Watching Expedition in Kenya:



a group of flamingos grazing through the waters of Lake Nakuru

Day 1-3: Nairobi Arrival, Transfer to Lake Nakuru

Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, guests will be met by our tour representative and transferred to Lake Nakuru, known for its flamingos and other bird species.

Accommodation: Stay at Lake Nakuru Lodge or similar.

Activities: Bird watching around Lake Nakuru, game drives to spot diverse birdlife and opportunities for photography.



a hornbill sitting on a branch of a tree


Day 4-6: Kakamega Forest for Bird Watching

Transfer to Kakamega Forest, located in western Kenya and home to over 300 bird species, including rare turacos and hornbills.

Accommodation: Spend three nights at Rondo Retreat in Kakamega.

Activities: Guided bird walks, bird watching in the indigenous forest, and option to visit nearby attractions like Crying Stone of Kakamega.



a Baglafecht Weaver sitting on a branch in Aberdare National Park


Day 7-10: Aberdare National Park for High-Altitude Birding

Drive to Aberdare National Park, a high-altitude ecosystem offering a unique range of bird species, including the endangered Aberdare Cisticola.

Accommodation: Enjoy a stay at The Ark, a unique lodge overlooking a floodlit waterhole and salt lick where numerous birds gather.

Activities: Bird watching from the lodge, guided walks, and game viewing with a focus on birdlife.


a fish eagle flying over a lake with talons outstretched


Day 11-14: Mount Kenya Region for Additional Birding Opportunities

Travel to the Mount Kenya region, known for its diverse avifauna, including the alpine and afro-montane species.

Accommodation: Stay at Serena Mountain Lodge or similar for three nights.

Activities: Bird watching walks, exploring the birdlife around the lodge, and optional excursions to birding hotspots in the area.




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In addition to the detailed itinerary and pricing, we can also include information on optional extras such as hot air balloon rides, cultural visits, or additional birding excursions. Additionally, it's important to highlight any specific inclusions, such as expert birding guides or special birding equipment provided during the expedition.


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