Luxury Safari and Conservation Experience

Learn about the range of conservation projects in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and enjoy a luxury wildlife experience in the Maasai Mara.

Packages from $5,500 per person. 







an endangered zebra in a grassland with Mt Kenya in the background




10 days


Highlights: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Maasai Mara


  • Day 1-3: Arrival in Nairobi, transfer to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • Day 4-6: Conservation activities and game drives at Lewa
  • Day 7-10: Maasai Mara for luxury wildlife experiences




Our Luxury Safari and Conservation Experience Tour:


The total cost for the 10-day Luxury Safari and Conservation Experience tour is $5,500 per person. This includes luxury accommodations, all meals, transfers, conservation activities, game drives, park fees, and applicable taxes.



Day 1-3: Arrival in Nairobi, transfer to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Guests will be welcomed upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and transported to the exclusive Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a renowned private wildlife reserve with a strong focus on conservation and community engagement.

Accommodation: Stay at a luxury safari lodge or tented camp within Lewa Conservancy.

Activities: Enjoy game drives in open 4x4 vehicles, guided bush walks, and visits to community projects supported by the conservancy. Guests can also participate in behind-the-scenes conservation activities such as rhino tracking and monitoring.



lion cubs sitting on a mound in grassland


Day 4-6: Conservation Activities and Game Drives at Lewa

Guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in conservation efforts and gain insights into the innovative approaches adopted by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. They can also continue to explore the expansive wildlife conservancy through game drives and nature walks.

Accommodation: Stay at the same luxury accommodation within Lewa Conservancy.

Activities: Participate in conservation-focused activities such as visiting anti-poaching units, engaging with local communities, and learning about the conservancy's success stories. Additional game drives and wildlife viewing experiences are included.



a herd of zebras grazing on a savannah plain in Maasai Mara National Park


Day 7-10: Maasai Mara for Luxury Wildlife Experiences

Transfer to the iconic Maasai Mara, Kenya's most famous national reserve acclaimed for its rich wildlife population and spectacular wildebeest migration.

Accommodation: Stay at a luxury safari lodge or camp in a prime location within the Maasai Mara reserve.

Activities: Embark on exclusive game drives with professional guides, witnessing the extraordinary richness of the Mara's wildlife, including the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros). Guests can also opt for hot air balloon safaris, cultural interactions with the Maasai community, and guided nature walks.




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Additional information on this tour

In addition to the detailed itinerary and pricing, the exclusive nature of the conservation-focused experiences at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the unparalleled luxury safari experiences in the Maasai Mara can be emphasised.

The tour can be further enriched by providing in-depth insights into the conservation initiatives at Lewa, the impact of community involvement, and the exceptional wildlife encounters awaiting guests in the Maasai Mara.


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